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Investment Advisor Representative, Spring Texas

Patrick J. Wehrly deals primarily with senior and retired individuals, many of whom are retiring from Oil Service related employment. In addition to working as an Investment Advisor Representative, he is the President of Spring Cypress Storage Solutions Inc which owns and develops Self-Storage venues, President of British Virgin Islands Yacht Services where he holds a 50 ton CaptainÕs license, and is the President of Southwest Income Tax And Accounting in addition to being a Senior Tax Profes-sional there.
He is also the President/CFO of Psalms 112:9 Corporate Services Inc and Psalms 119: Properties Division. Patrick is a volunteer in the IRS Certified Intermed-iate and Advanced counselor AARP program and is the President/Director of The Wehrly Charitable Foundation.

Patrick Wehrly
Investment Advisor Representative
3325 Spring Cypress Road, Suite 100
Spring, TX 77388

Call 281-528-5760

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